Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Dragons Gold

Monday nights game was Lord of the Rings. The object of the game was for the teams to reach the dragon, kill it and take all the gold. Each group started at an entrance then each cave section and goblins were generated at random. Each player picked a race so we had. Rangers, dwarfs, high elfs, army of the dead and rohan. So after some nasty cave fighting for rohan leaving only one left come final battle and a little stroll in the mines for the dwarfs with there full unit fighting fit came the dragon. When the smelly little ones came busrting in it breathed fire and roasted a few. When they finally locked it down in combat it became a bloody contest, the forces of good caused some early wounds and the dragon looked in trouble. But the tide slowly turned with the dragon passing a few courage tests. The game ended with the dragon being the winner but only having one wound left, a close thing in the end.
Again a good game played with fun and a fair bit of calling the elfs cowards for hiding behind everyone else!!

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