Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Two Game reports

Monday 21st October

Adam and myself played Flames of War - North Africa, 1300 points

Hadn't played for a while and we used easy army to build our armies and print the sheets - http://www.easyarmy.com/

It was a hard fought game with my (remaining) Germans failing their company morale and running away - there was only 1 command and 2 infantry stands left by then!
Even so, with allied loses they could only claim a 4 -3 win.

Left - Advance of the Crusaders,
Right - German survivors

Left - The new Monty?
Right - German attack

Left - German attack stalled!!!
Right - Recce troops in the village

Monday 11th November

Quatre Bras in 6mm, using Grand Armee, Fast Play.

Ste took the allies with Rob and Bailey as the French.

Good game with an usually good generalling display from Orange to attack the French and then hold the line along Germincourt Stream whilst Picton arrived to put the boot in and almost march to Frasnes.

Next time the 6mm are out I think an upgrade to Full rules and all the command problems they pose!!
Project Waterloo is well on course, just the Prussians to paint and some buildings to sort before 2015!

Top Left - French Advance on the Stream
Top Right - End if the Dutch-Belgian cavalry at the hands of the French Guard cavalry
Bottom Left - Fight at the Stream
Bottom Right - Initial Dutch advances to hold stream

Picton arrives,
And marches over the hills............and down the road!


  1. It was not Orange that gave some good orders it was me. But this time they must have formed square before the cavalry caught them. Must have been sharpe or Patrick in there.