Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Battle Flag

Monday nights game was of battle flag. The game was based on a possible engagement at the start of WW1 were the British wanted to stop a German battleship from reaching Turkish waters. In the real event the British Admarial decided his four armoured cruisers were out matched and did not engage. 
In tonight's game the Geman battleship turned to the right to avoid the British cruisers and keep them at extreme range. The battleship did some minor damage at range, but when the two fleets closed in the bigger German guns started to take their toll on the British. One cruiser got sunk by continued bombardment, number two got a critical hit and sunk. The German light cruiser ramed a cruiser to give some room. The third British cruiser got sunk from a good salvo. We called the game at this point with a German win. Three British cruisers sunk, one damaged and leaking. The German battleship was damaged but had not lost all it's hit points. 
Maybe the British Admarial was right!

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