Sunday, 13 July 2014


We had some friends come round last night for a six player game of Talisman with our two new expansions the city and nether realm. We also had reaper, highlands and fire lands on the go. Three new players with three who played before all with characters from the city.
Game started slow with the reaper getting a few moves early on. After not many turns Liam sent the reaper to me (Ste) which I then rolled well on and bounced it back to him which killed him, new character selected at random the troll. Game moved on with slow build up then some players being killed off. 
A bit of cat and mouse over the only two talismans in the game after a couple of hours, I stole one of Paul and made a dash for the crown which bounced me out. Next Paul got a talisman and tried his luck, tavern for him. Liam got reaper again and killed of again, don't dance with the reaper three kills to him by game end. Jack killed me to get my talisman and made for the crown. He made it to the middle to start Pandora's box. Pandora's box was brutal, killed of me Paul, Liam first round. Next he set his sights on Bailey, bye bye. That left Andy and Jack. Andy put up a good fight but the out come was always on the cards. Jack got the kill with cards to spare.
Great night, in hind sight maybe played to many expansions with the new players due to many choices and diluted card deck.
Well played jack coming to get ya next time!

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