Thursday, 17 September 2015

Sunday 19th July 2015
Campaign game

Tom took over as Wellington and faced battle immediately as the Anglo-Portuguese attempted to push passed the French.
The French deployed along a river with several bridges to defend and the possibility of fords along the banks.

Unknown to the British, the French had engineers prepping the bridges for demolition.

Initial deployment saw Les on the right holding a village across the river and a bridge behind, facing him was Bob with a Division.
Steve held the middle with a village either side of the bridge, this was against Tom with a Division.
Finally, Lee took some cavalry and very light guns to hold the left, against my Division.

French deployment



The allies had to roll to arrive and in turn 1 mine was the only arrivals.

Lee advanced the French artillery and a short duel ensued until the British Shrapnel shredded them and the retreated.

Les sent his cavalry forward which pinned Bob for the game and slowly he was whittled down to a few units left holding the flank. Whilst the French started to retreat unmolested back over the bridge before it was primed for destruction.

In the centre the allies where held up by advanced units of scouts and determined French occupying houses.

The allied right pushed forward, causing problems for the French. The sole French infantry unit tasked with finding an escape route, failed to find a ford. This unit was then pinned against the river and destroyed. Fate wasn't kind to a cavalry unit also when it was enfiladed by 2 batteries of artillery.
Whilst the remaining forces from the flank were finished off with volley fire and canister.
The artillery then advanced into the centre and helped the centre division push the French out.

The final few turns where spent with the British throwing everything across the centre bridge.
It was primed for destruction but on the first turn failed to blow. Cavalry were thrown across only to suffer from crossing fire, and retreat.

Second turn it failed to blow again and Infantry were thrown across, only to again suffer from enfilade fire and be thrown back.

Finally a third attempt to blow the bridge again failed. This time after artillery support fire, more units were sent across the bridge. This time the units reached the explosives and held the far bank.
Game was over and the allies had won a hard fought battle.