Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Sunday 29th May 2016

Campiagn Game
Somewhere in North East Spain

London Gazette -
Diasaster in Spain, Moore lost.

Britain and her allies humiliated by the Craupards.
Moore prisoner of the Corsican Ogre!

 Just north of Zaragoza two Spanish and one Britsh corps were trapped betwen two French corps and tried to escape south.

Battlefield was spilt between 2 tables, North and South with allies deployed on both and a French corps on each side.

North - Adam and myself (Spanish) faced Steve and Lee French)

South - Bob (British) and Mark (Spanish) faced Les and Rob (French)

We had a plan, but didn't stick to it. Instead decided to wait a turn or 2 in the north before launching a counter offensive.
However, the French didn't want to play.

North table -
Troops were lined up and French deployed most guns onj the Spanish left, whilst infantry were ready to go on the right.

Main attacks cam on the allied right flank an dsoon came forward, with charge and counter-charge all across the battlefield. The Spanish lancers did well with 2 regiments holding up 3 French regiments, before reinforcements, slipped passed the British and arrived in their rear.

Initial worries about Spanish being wavering, were not founded and only 2 battalions were lost from this throughout the day.
The infantry held up the Fench attacks and several battalions were swapped by French, but carried on gallantly.

To the left the French attacks were slower with initial cavalry charges, clearing away the Spanish cavalry. Despite help frmo 2nd Corps they were soon overwhelmed. The infantry however held on and by battles end the corps was broken but ther right flank was withdrawing in order.

South Table -
The British deployed half and half across the river, whilst eh 2nd Spanish corps took the right flank.

The main French deployment was on the allied left facing the British, whilst a small holding force was depolyed on the right.

The French had a large gun line facing the British and took no time in sending their troops forward, pining the British before they could do anything.
On the right, any thought of advancing to the weakened French line ws stopped by cavalry pressure from in front, with repeated charges. 
WIth the loss of some artillery, the second corps was able to start movingn forward, but this was only by battles end and was allowed to escape. 

Whilst reinforcements from Zaragoza, arrived in the French rear, but too late to have any effect.
On the other side of the river the British were being pounded, and add to this the retreating Spanish from the north table along with the pursuing French, the end was near.

Wounded and unable to carry on, Moore gave orders for troops on the west side of the river to escape south, with hopes of reaching Lisbon. Whilst the surrounded and beaten troops on the east side lay down their arms ans surrendered.

A black day in British military history.

A good win for the French, they came up with a plan and stuck to it.

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