Wednesday, 16 October 2013

First Race

Tonights game was formula d on the  Buddh track. This race was to get the players used to giving themselves wear points and using some driver skills. The finishing positions were also to set the grid on the upcoming season.
The race started well with all drivers getting into turn two blocking the track causing me to drive up some ones behind and burning all my brakes, making me have to limp round the race track for the rest of the game. Bailey forced ahead taking some damage but getting in the lead which he managed to maintain to the win. Lee put his foot down and got into sixth gear rolling a top speed of 29! Bob pushed his car to the limit causing is car to spin out and leaving behind. Rob failed to use one of his skills which left him at the back of the field but his car intact,  with the other drivers suffering and slowing down he managed to bring his car in thrid.
Good race with some lessons learnt.

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