Wednesday, 9 October 2013

VC Attack

Tonights game was Bolt Action with a twist, modern Vietnam War.
American marines with  M113s attacking a village. The VC were to push the Americans out of the village. If the village was in dispute the bridge and downed helicopter were secondary objectives.
The Americans advanced fast and hard up the center wiping out some VC units in the village. The VC got a T55 tank as reinforcements but managed to miss once hit an M113 twice and only managed a pin (some poor rolling). The US got a helicopter with a unit in that dropped them right in the village.
The VC pushed in to the village but were cut down again and again. The game was called with about 70% casualties to the VC and the US about 30% casualties and holding the village.
A good game with some lessons learnt about fire power and making up airborne landings as you go!
All models and scenery supplied by Lee.

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