Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Very British Civil War

My unit histories for the local AVBCW units.

Anglican League


The Navy camp at Rixton had to decide which side to support.

It’s close association with the village of Rixton-with-Glazebrook and especially the vicar of St.Helens Church, Hollins Green made the choice easy.

Using the manpower and eagerness of the training camp along with the support of the local farm workers soon bolstered their numbers.

As they were still in training the units are pretty green, but have plenty of pluck.

They are currently defending the line of the river Glaze against the Irlam Communists and the river Mersey against Thelwall Communists also.

To the north the threat from Culceth has arose now they have sided with the Albertine forces.

Currently exists an uneasy peace whilst more pressing matters (Communist) mean a joint venture, but clashes still exist, like when the Culceth Company raided the Rixton Navy Camp for supplies.

The church has well supplied the regiment with standard Anglican Army uniforms and equipment.

The northern border is the Liverpool – Manchester Railway.

Culceth company

Culceth had strong ties with Canada through local leaders and their relatives living out there.

When the time came it was easy to convince the local population that Prince Albert was their best option.

Initially, Canada and the Albertines sent a small training party to Culceth to train up the volunteers to a good military standard and also supplied a good few weapons.

The Culceth Company has expanded to incorporate both Croft and Glazebury, stopping at the East Lancs road to the north.

The area south was stopped at the Liverpool – Manchester railway due to the influence of the Anglican backed Rixton Regt.

Currently exists an uneasy peace whilst more pressing matters (Communist) mean a joint venture, but clashes still exist.

Recently the Culceth Company has had to launch a raid into Rixton territory to get supplies from the Rixton Navy camp. A large number of blue battle dress jackets were taken and have now been used as a standard uniform for the company.

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