Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Very British Civil War!

Monday nights game was "A Very British Civil War" game that took us back to 1938 in another  universe.
Warrington was under attack from the Lymm BUF and Edwardian troops from Dunham Massey.
Thank God for the lads from Cadishead and Irlam. 

The Factory was the main target for the Fascist, who shelled the roof off with mortars and even planted explosives but never set them off.
The chaps from Dunham captured some Thelwall socialist but  never got within 100 yards from the Factory.

The cops got three lots of civilians out of their farms and homes before taking a direct hit  from a mortar shell  killing all but the Inspector and one Pc.

Here we see the fish vans full of Thelwall communist driving into the action.
They arrived in the nick of time for the Trucks in the background belong to Hanoverian storm-troopers.
The Communist managed  to hold the Factory by the end of the night, the Fascist  lost a lot of men mostly to the bayonet after surrendering.
A very nasty Action from the Cadishead Red Butchers.


  1. Looks amazing, even more fed up I missed it. Every thing looks great.

  2. It was a great game, unitl........the dirty facists bombed my police van! One more house thats all I needed!

    Just ordering my own figures now!
    soon the Culceth Company of the Albertine Expeditionary Force will be battling the Rixton Regiment of the Anglican League at our house.

  3. Sounds like a good game.
    What figures are you using?

  4. Sounds like a good game.
    What figures are you using?

  5. For my 2 forces I'll be using Americans for the Albertines (supposed to be mainly Canadian backed) and British for the Anglicans both WWI figures

  6. What game system did you use?
    Was 20mm?

  7. 20mm converted black powder rules.
    Each unit had 3 wounds then once over the wounds you removed figures.
    This worked well in the combat,
    each figure you had was 1dice in combat, All units started with 8 figures,
    so if you lost 1 or two to shooting then got into combat you would be down on your attack dice.
    Mark found this out when he charged a wall and lost 3 figures to closing fire then had to fight combat against 8 figures.