Thursday, 6 February 2014

Allied victory near to Madrid

Battle was fought across 3 tables Sunday 2nd February.

The protagonists -
Jeff (Spanish) was taking the Picture and Les (French) had not arrived when taken.

Southern table - Jeff (Spanish) and Rob (French)
I have been told by our gallant Spanish commander that after seeing off the initial French cavalry charges the Spanish cavalry withdrew in triumph. Meanwhile the French ground out a slow advance against exceptional Spanish defences.
The Spanish were so confident they were able to dispatch reinforcements to the middle table.

Cavalry attacks                                           
 French infantry attacks

French attampt a breakthrough

Spanish gallantly hold out

Centre table - Adam (Spanish), Andy (Portuguese), Steve & Bailey (French)
The superb Generalship of both the Spanish and Portuguese commanders enabled them to force a crossing of the river under stiff French resistance. The only down side was the inability to find any crossing points in the first turns of the battle.
Spanish reinforcements arrived, but the arrival of fresh French troops caused the troops to retire back across the time it will be different!

The plan for battle, but no ford found

Firefight with Spanish and French.        Some French cavalry sneak on the flank.

 The Portuguese and Spanish force a crossing, but were unable to exploit the hole.

Northern table - Bob (British) and Les (French)

Admittedly some of the British Generals could do with map reading classes - they appeared on the centre table only to turn round and go back!
Even without Picton and his scoundrels the British were able to force themselves across the bridge by employing a new tactic - Apparently artillery are the new TANK of the world (bit early, and no armour) but the heroic gunners led the advance over the bridge.
The British just like their fellow allies on the other tables were victorious, surely it only a matter of time before Madrid falls and the damned French are chased back over the border!!

Ready for battle, Cannons lead the way!

Cannons first?  Supports soon cross the bridge, and hold out

A great set of battles, and a fun time was had - just a bit frustrating they we were unable to find a ford early on in the game. Battle might have been a bit different on the centre table!! Next time!!  

Report from - 
Miguel San Jose Badajoz, 
embedded with Major General Beresford, 1st Portuguese Army

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