Friday, 3 October 2014

As requested, but a bit late -

SALUTE report

Going to combine both 2013 and 2014

Both shows were at Excel and got to say organization and size of venue was excellent.

Went down Friday evening and stayed at London Tower bridge Premier Inn and found street noise a slight problem during the night.

I was the only one with a ticket and was lucky enough to get a "golden ticket" giving us a free KR Multicase backpack.
Quality of games were great and we played loads of games and spent plenty of money!

Here's some pics -

This year we went early and stayed at Premier Inn Stratford Westfield Shopping Centre. this time went earlier and enjoyed an afternoon around the Olympic Park, followed by tea at Pizza Express and then 'Captain America' at the vue cinema.

Lads after last year each wanted a ticket, but this time no "golden ticket"!

After paying nearly £20 last year for a butty and drink, we found out how to get a pass out and eat at one of the vendors. Nice big pasty this year!

Didn't play as many games but enjoyed all the demo games and trade stand.

As with both years, it coincides with booking in for the Marathon and trains leaving are crammed, however there are ways around getting back avoiding the crowds by not following the announced route.
Adam had a great idea of traveling in wrong direction to next station and jumping on the empty train back before  the crowds got on.

Great weekend out and hotel booked for next year. Stratford price very high so going for Greenwich Premier Inn this year.

Here's some pics

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