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 General Beresford has done it again and laughed in the face of French Bullies!!!

Although taking large casualties and eventually being reluctant to leave the field of battle he is reported to be pleased with his mens tenacity in the face of French Imperialism.

The army was tasked with holding the river which had so easily been taken from the French earlier in the day. This task was to allow the Allied army under 'Bob' Wellington to retreat and resupply ready to turn and support the withdrawal of 'Andy' Beresford.

The right flank under General Trant was initially in danger of being over whelmed by large French numbers, however the stoic morale of the common Portuguese Soldier, supported by the gallant men of the R.H.A held and stemmed the tide briefly.

Unfortunately number told and, only, after receiving over 57% casualties where they forced to quit the field.

On the right flank General Spry is reported as asking what all the fuss is about with these men who claim they are Napoleons Guard. He held the ford allocated to him and even when faced by the 'Guard' his men didn't flinch - "just new meat for the grinder" - a sergeant was heard saying.
Only on the order of Beresford did the brigade quit the field in good order and heads held high.

Finally, the centre.  General Lecur asked "were where the enemy, I've been waiting to give them a bloody nose!"
His brigade held the town and bridge, losing no units and withdrew in good order but frustrated at getting no action. 1st Battalion Vila Real reported firing a few rounds at some Voltigeurs and receiving some sporadic and wayward long range round-shot.
The reason for this - The VALIANT Transoco Cazadores. Intially holding the forward posistion near a burning house, they where forced out by some of the Frenchies Lackies from Switzerland!
Not accepting that this was a warning, they then advanced alone against the whole brigade and dealt a blow on the first unit, whilst weathering the fire storm of return fire from the rest of the brigade. Eventually retreating when the damage had been done.

The French held the field and are shouting about a great victory on the streets of Paris, but we of the free world know it was a morale and tactical victory to the Portuguese, who on returning to the British lines where cheered through the deployed red coats as heroes.

None shall pass on the right!

The Centre Holds thanks to Transoco Cazadores

The Gallant Left, eventually forced back
Initial Deployment -

The French surge forward, only to be held back initially -

Finally, overwhelmed and cause to retire

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