Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Imperial Knight

Mark has bought himself an Imperial Knight.

Wanting to try it out, he set a challenge -
Knight v ALL my Imperial Guard -
Company HQ, Platoon HQ with 2 squads each with a heavy weapon.
Veteran squad also with a heavy weapon and a Kaskarin squad.
Backed up with a Leman Russ and a Hell Hound
Most of the troops were there to make up numbers, leaving the heavy weapons to fire (even a Grenade Launcher if I can get round the side!)

Forces were deployed, and battle began.
With the Ion shield giving him a 4++ save made it very hard to beat.

Eventually on turn 5, a glancing blow from a Gaunts Ghost Plasma Gun (my company HQ) finally brought the beast down with 6 HP damage.
Lucky in his death throes he missed all my troops.
I lost a lot -
Leman Russ, Hell Hound, 3 squads of Imperial Guard.
Only Company and Platoon HQ's with the Kaskarin Elites surviving/

In conclusion, its a lot to bring down at only 375 points, wouldn't want to face one in with a normal army and other troops shooting back at me!

Some pics-

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