Wednesday, 26 November 2014

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Battle for the Gold - Monday 17th November

Some damned scallywags have stolen the unions gold. 
The troops have been mustered in the middle of winter and the wagons found, unfortunately the dastardly Rebs are also enroute.

6 wagons were placed on the table and the winner was the side with the most, was it the Heroic Union or Cowardly Rebs.

Unfortunately the Union Cavalry were off chasing Josey Wales, whilst the rebs managed to muster a few squadrons together.

 Bob started off the battle finding a new tactic for the Union Gatling Gun -

As expected Bob opened fire and gun jammed!!! Bailey soon made short work of the crew with some very close range cannister!

Elsewhere the centre seemed to stand still with both sides continuously failing orders. The Reb cavalry quickly reached 2 wagons, easily carting 1 off. The second wagon was denied by some accurate cannon fire causing it to blow just as they reached it.

On the union right after both sides quickly carried away a wagon and the Union got one on the left eventually moving it off table despite attempts by Reb guns to destroy it.

The right settled down to a firefight between the heroic Union Infantry and some skullking Reb cavalry in a village, too scared to emerge.

In the centre the Reb cavalry reached the remaining 2 wagons and took them under control. In an attempt to deny them the Union centre finally got moving, with Bob's units marching to the attack. Reb light infantry flanked them in a effort to deny them the chance to advance, however, one unit broke through to close range of a wagon due to some amazing saving rolls.

 Instead of shooting it to deny it to the enemy, he shot the cavalry. And was then chewed up by the Rebs.

The battered Union finally were halted due to casualties, and stopped from gaining the remaining wagons.

So who won????
Could it be a narrow Union victory by a score of 2 - 1 (as other wagons where still on table)
Or a Win for Johnny Reb 3 - 2 as they had control of those on table wagons.

The gallant Union Commander was heard muttering about the lazy Union cavalry back in warm barracks and the new General 'Bob' Burnside

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