Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Sunday 15th Feb 2015

Black Powder Napoleonics

Today Adam and me played a game of BP 700 points.

Forces were as follows -
British -
CinC (8)
2 x R.A Foot Batteries                                       
1st Brigade (8)                                                      2nd Brigade (7)
1 x Veteran Line                                                      1 x Veteran Line
1 x Highland                                                            1 x Highland
1 x Line                                                                   1 x Line
1 x Small Rifle                                                         1 x Small Rifle
3rd Brigade (8)                                                      Cavalry Brigade (7)
2 x Line                                                                   1 x Hussars
1 x Light                                                                  1 x R.H.A Horse Battery
1 x Small Rifle

French -
CinC (9)
Guard Brigade (8)                                                 1st Brigade (8)
2 x Young Guard                                                     2 x Veteran Swiss Line (Tough Fighters)
                                                                               1 x Line
                                                                               1 x Veteran Light (Tough Fighters)
                                                                               1 x Foot Battery
2nd Brigade (7)                                                     Cavalry Brigade (8)
3 x Line                                                                   1 x Veteran Hussar
1 x Veteran Light                                                     1 x Dragoon
1 x Foot Battery                                                      1 x Horse Battery

Game was Attack/Defense with British defending. Table was 10'x4' and played along the length.
The Game started with 1 brigade each on the table, the British deployed about 3' from table edge and the French arriving on turn 1.
Another brigade arrived each turn and for the British they had to roll for which road (1 at back n d each other 1/3 further along).
Thanks to some initial bad command rolls by the French, the British were able to almost get all their reinforcements up to the first deployment zone before the French could attack.
Game was a good game with the French crossing the British "start" line by the end but only just with plenty of British reinforcements still to use. One Highland unit advanced right into the face of 2 batteries (1 flanking!)

All in we managed to play 11 turns and the British were declared winner.

Some pics -
Initial Moves

Feeling the Pressure

 Reinforcements on the move

The Allied Defense builds up and is attacked

 The final posistions

Finally, whilst rolling his dice Adams roll ended as shown below! A cocked dice when on a flat surface? what are the odds of landing on a corner?

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