Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Coruna has fallen!!!

Monday 23rd March 2015 - Campaign game

Despicable French troops are marching through the city of Coruna.

The desperate and hungry French troops were said to be rampaging through the streets raping the cattle and eating the women!

Allied commanders Bob and me were given the task of holding the city, whilst Steve, Rob and Tom conducted the attack with close naval support.

Most of the out lying troops saw the ammount of troops they were facing and soon ran off.
1 unit held out for a good while.
The French siege artillery managed to breach the wall with a big enough hole and infantry poured forward to attempt an assault. The Spanish guns held them back for a short while.

Initially the unit outside held them back before being forced to flee.

On the left flank the French came on in the same old way, and then went round the wall. Thanks to the Naval support a tower was destroyed, creating a second breach, which is were they headed for.

 The Royal Marines stepped forward and defended the breach. They stopped the first attack, but numbers told and the Marines were forced to run, as more and more battalions came through.

Finally, the French had a unit through the breach as time ran out.
Although it was only 1 unit it was enough for a victory. If only the allies had another turn, to get the units around to face the attackers! /however, they melted into the city in a n attempt to get away.

Units of note were the brave Royal Marines showing the Spanish how to fight and die like men.
Also the Spanish Guerillas who occupied 3 full battalions of French Light Infantry.

On the down side, the 2nd Brigade commander complained who couldn't issue orders due to noise of gun fire from 1st Brigade - BOB!!!!!!

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  1. Not a bad write up from you this time.
    Only a few cattle were used I promise.
    Marine did ok. My French unit did well breaking the marines and pushing into the city is under fire from the walls.