Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Descent, First Blood

Played our first game of descent v2 on Monday night. I played as overlord as its my game and knew the rules (well most). We are all new to the game with me playing first blood twice at home to get used to the gameplay.
The group was split very well with each player taking a different base character we had,
Rune Master,

If you look closely you will notice that I switched the unpainted models for Lord of the Rings miniatures to make the game more artistically pleasing because I have not painted the figures that came with the game which I think are very good.

From my plays at home I found that it is very hard to win this scenario as overlord so I started hard and stayed hard (but fair) to try and give myself an edge. I got some good cards early and poisoned the knight first turn and with Bob getting some bad rolls all game which he kept till the end getting a wound turn after turn. On my first turn I ran the goblins straight for the exit and blocked the heros in the first room with the ettin. The heros spotted my plan killed the ettin and dashed after the goblins killing one just in time. The next few turns fell into them trying to kill mauler and me dashing my goblin of the table. I think I got some good cards and always had one to play each turn to cause a good effect for me. On the second to last turn I managed to get the rune master down and had two goblins at the exit with the thief standing in there way but only one wound on mauler!

Tense finish coming up!

The rune master got up,

Bob the warroir failed his poison check taking him to his hit point total,  down he went,

Lee killed one goblin wounded the second but not killed,

Bailey the disciple got into base contact with mauler, MISSED!

Overlords turn, my goblin ran like sh! T of a shovel, Overlord win.

What a close finish, fun game as always. I think this was a good choice of game and the group agreed.

When we play again I think it will be a different story for the overlord now the heros know the game better. Playing them two learning games at home gave me a big advantge. This mission I think is designed to learn how it all works and it does this well in my opinion.

Both me and the heros learned some valuable lessons, heros work well together not apart and keep your eye one the win conditions were the main ones for me. Oh and as overlord I need to be sneaky and mean.

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  1. Yes! better that way, gives the game an edge when your a real monster Overlord.
    Loved the game, and the other games too.