Tuesday, 7 January 2014

I See No Signal

Tonights game was a clash of  Ships of the line using Bobs models and Robs rules, I See No Signal.
The game was between six British ships (Ste,Bob) and six French ships (Lee,Bailey), the French ships were bigger but the British ships had better skills.
The French started with the wind (aqain), both fleets closed on each other. I tryed to tack my better skilled British to gain the wind but failed. Bob closed in on both French fleets and exchanged some fire. Bailey then cut into the middle of Bobs line and fired both sides raking one ship then clashing into one of Bobs ships causing a boarding action. Bob got across to Baileys ship but got pushed back and was in trouble at end of game.
When the wind changed I got my British ships out of irons and got behind  two smaller French ships got a rake in and caused one French ship to strike and drop his colours!!! One nill British. In retaliation the 120 gun French ship raked me, a lot of hull damage but I managed to limp away.
We called the game then due to time, I gave it a British win with one French ship out of action. However one British ship was being boarded and only had a few crew left. Both fleets had some damage and were about to circle into each other again around the ships boarding.
Good fun game again as always.

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