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Spanish Campaign History

British Gunners fight head to head with French gunners at close range, the result is  total destruction for the gunners on both sides from canister 
French Troops in the South hold the bridge fort.
 Portuguese's Forces charge over the Bridge West of Madrid 12th August

Battle of Talavera.

MAWS Black Panthers Spanish Campaign History

Build Up to Invasion.

After the French and Spanish defeat at Trafalgar the alliance between the two countries began to brake up. Napoleons hold on the Royal Family of Spain began to slip.
Prince Ferdinand plotted to dethrone his father Charles IV and was arrested. In 1808 Napoleon used the internal dissent to his advantage. Charles was induced to abdicate and retire to Rome with his Queen, which left Napoleon free to proclaim Joseph Bonaparte as the new king of Spain.
Napoleon sent troops into Spain to support the new king Joseph, which led to insurrection and war between the two Nations.

None Historic Campaign Game History
Portugal had surrendered to the Continental system and declared themselves Neutral in 1801, after a brief war with Spain. In secret they still traded with the United Kingdom.
In 1807 Napoleon sent a force into Portugal to enforce the ban on trade with Britain, the British reacted by sending a force to instate neutrality back to Portugal.
A treaty was made and the French force was allowed to retire back to France (one year earlier than in history) in British ships.
The British then left two forces in Portugal at Lisbon and Oporto.

April 1808
French forces march into Spain with 4 corps, two in the North and two in the South. Spanish garrisons at Lerida, Tarragona and Barcelona surrender without a fight to the 2nd and 4th corps,
13th April
In the North Spanish resistance is crushed by the 1st and 3rd corps, a Battle takes place outside Burgos at Gamonal against the 1st Spanish Corps controlled by General Castanos and the 3rd French corps controlled by General Mermont. Over 27000 Spanish confront 28000 French. The battle is a disaster for the Spanish.
14th April
Burgos is captured by the French who leave a garrison and continue to give chase to the retreating Spanish force heading south towards Valladolid, meanwhile the 1st corps moved along the north coast capturing Santander, Bilbao and San Sebastion.
May 1808
Most of the North East coast and North coast are now under French control, British forces in Portugal begin to march into Spain heading North towards Corunna and East towards Madrid. The 1st Spanish corps camps outside Madrid but does not construct defenses around the city.
4th May
French forces attack the city of Valladolid, which is only defended by a small group of civilians; a blood bath takes place within the city raising the Spanish hatred of the French.
6th May
At sea a Russian fleet under a French flag attacks a small British fleet leaving Lisbon, the British ships escape but Lisbon harbor is attacked and the docks are fired. War is declared between Portugal and France as a result.
9th May
French 4th Corps march towards Madrid from the North East from Saragossa and take up camp at Alcala North of Madrid.
June 1808
15th June
Spanish and British forces engage the 4thFrench corps forces controlled by General Soult at El Goloso five miles North of Madrid, 24000 French attack 27000 Spanish and 21000 British, the result an Allied victory. The French forces retreat back to Alcala where they prepare to defend the town. They are attacked 3 days later by the 1st British corps controlled by General Moore and 3rd Spanish corps controlled by General San Juan, the British force the French out of the town in hand to hand combat.
20th June
The French retreat back to Burgos followed by the Allied forces and another battle takes place South of Burgos at Saldana de Burgos. Only British and French forces are engaged in this battle, the British are given a bloody nose and are forced to retreat back to Madrid.
29th June
15 miles South of Madrid the Spanish 2nd Corps controlled by General Palafox and French 2nd Corps controlled by General Jerome Napoleon confront at Fuentiduena de Tajo, 19000 French attack a force of 22000 Spanish and force the Spanish to retreat back towards Madrid.
29th June
To the North West of Madrid General San Juan marches his army towards Valladolid and engages French forces at Villacastin. Spanish forces are beaten back from the town by French fire power. Spanish forces retreat out of gun range and dig in.
July 1808

1st July
General Soult makes camp in Burgos and awaits reinforcements, meanwhile General Barron Bachelu advances his army and captures Lugo after the British 2nd abandon the city. The British 2nd corps under the young General Wellesley retreat to Santiago and fortifies the city.
1st July
At Villacastin another battle takes place between the Spanish, British and French. 28000 French engage 55000 Allied troops, General Mermont is forced to retreat from the town and regroup in the mountains.
5th July
The Spanish forces at Villacastin retreat back to Madrid leaving the British to hold the pass through the mountains, British forces are attacked again by Mermonts force and manage to hold the French back.
6th July
South of Madrid at San Fernando de Henares the French 2nd Corps launch another attack on the Spanish held bridge. The battle ends with the French backing away and regrouping.
7th July
The following day Jerome’s force attacks the bridge again but the bridge is blown and the battle ends with no overall winner. This leaves Jerome to look for another way across the river to Madrid, he sends scouts to find a crossing.
9th July
North of Madrid French forces under General Soult engage San Juans force at El Pardo, the French try and capture the fort at El Pardo but are beaten to it. They are forced to regroup and head towards Madrid.
9th July
At San Fernando de Henares the 2nd French corps forces find a ford by chance, French Scouts discover a Spanish battalion bathing in the river. The ford is captured and French forces cross to flank the Spanish resulting in a Spanish retreat back to Madrid.
12th July
British forces at Villacastin are again attacked by French forces, 25000 French attack15000 British. Moore’s army is beaten out of the town. They are forced to retreat at a fast march back to Madrid.
14th July
Soults force attacks Madrid, which is defended by General Hoyas Travalas and the 1st Division of the Spanish 3rd Corps. Hoyas force put up a brave fight and San Juans reinforcements arrive to late to save the city from being captured. San Juan and his army retreat West towards Talavera.
28th July
General Wellesley advances on the city of Lugo and attacks the city from the East and West, the French retreat into the city and the siege of Lugo begins.
29th July
At El Carpio de Tajo General Palafox , General Moore and General San Juan’s forces meet, they engage the French 2nd Corps under General Jerome Napoleon and are pushed back to Talavera.
August 1808
3rd August
At Talavera the Allies are meet by the Portuguese, they plan to trap the advancing French. The British are reinforced with fresh troops from Portugal. 90000 Allies mass around the city and in the countryside awaiting the 23000 French 2nd Corps. The French attacked the city but when the Portuguese attacked from the rear and flank the French had to retreat North into the mountains to escape being destroyed.
11th August
General Wellesley's force fall back to the river and the siege of Lugo ends, allied forces continue to patrol the surrounding area with Spanish scouts. French forces within the city begin the search for food and fresh mounts for the horseless cavalry who slaughtered half their horses to feed the army.
12th August
A large Battle takes place West of Madrid between the Spanish, British and Portuguese forces and French Forces. The French 2nd Corps managed to save the right wing of Soults Corp and pushed the Spanish South into the Portuguese lines positioned West of Madrid. French forces in the center held the road to Madrid from the Portuguese giving Soults remaining beaten Southern force time to retreat back into the city. British forces now held the South West plains of Madrid.



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